What Is The Fastest Dodge Viper And How Fast Does It Go?

Which Dodge Viper was the fastest one that was ever made? You might be thinking it is one of the newest five models that were produced in 2017. You wouldn’t be too far off at all, but you would be wrong. The fastest Viper model ever produced came the year before, in 2016, and it is the ACR. Just how fast do you think the Dodge Viper can go? This was the idea when they constructed this one in 2016, trying to make it the fastest Viper ready for the track and racing.

Let’s take a look at the top speed for this vehicle. If you had to take a guess, what would it be? What if I told you it was 177 miles per hour? That is a really fast car. However, if you look at the claims from the company itself when it comes to top speeds for their Vipers, the number goes up to 197 miles per hour. Is that for the 2016 viper, or are that current 2017 models that are coming out?

That’s an interesting question and one to consider because that’s a 20 mile per hour difference. Perhaps the claim for 197 miles per hour is for the 2016 model when, in actuality, other experts claim it can only go 177 miles per hour. It is also important to consider acceleration on top of top speed, as well as other performance aspects of the 2016 and 2017 Dodge Vipers.

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If you do dig a little bit deeper into the facts of the Dodge Viper and how fast it can go, you get a better explanation. For example, it is the 2016 Dodge Viper that is said to be able to go 197 miles per hour around a track. That is a good claim, but when you take the Dodge Viper out anywhere else, it is supposed to have a top speed of 177 miles an hour. Is that due to different terrain in different conditions or just a different testing group?

For the average person, both 177 and 197 miles per hour, sound great. In fact, it is pretty great, but it’s just the idea of there’s still a 20-mile power difference. One thing for sure, since this is the last year the Dodge Viper will be manufactured, those numbers will stand. The fastest speed for a Dodge Viper stands at 177 miles per hour or 197 miles per hour, whichever you choose to believe.

They are very fast whichever one you decide to go with. You’re probably only going to get up to 197 miles an hour on a track surface anyway, right? So if you want a fast car and a Dodge Viper sounds like a plan, anything in that range from 177 to 197 sounds good. But if you’re comparing it to other luxury vehicles, get more specific. Are there any comparable vehicles that go over 200 miles an hour? That would be the next interesting question to look up to see what compares to the Dodge Viper.

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